Winery Equipment
BP Series Fruit Press
DP Series Fruit Press
GP Series Fruit Press
RP Series Fruit Press
SP Series Fruit Press
BM Series Fruit Crusher
  Light Construction Machinery
Power Trowel
Power Screed
Concrete Vibrator
Concrete Cutter Saw
Brick Splitter
Brick Saw
Viberation Roller
Buggie Wagon
Rebar Cutter
Paint Shaker
Sand Sieve
  Lawn & Garden Equipment
Power Sweeper
Curb Machine
Power Trencher
Turf Cutter
Earth Auger
All-Terrain Field & Brush Mower
Stump Grinder
Lawn Aerator
  Wood Working Machinery
Forest Winch
Saw Blade Sharpener
Founded in 2005, SunPower Machinery is actually a company with more than 22 years of experience in the business.
For all these year, we have been standing behinds the well known brands providing our OEM services to all over the world

- Year of 1990
Senior Du established the new factory out of the previously nation-owned company for his own business.
The first 120L portable concrete mixer in China was made in that year, heading for the USA market...


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